Does the Universe Trust you?

Do ever get a feeling of doubt deep inside of you when you’ve decided to work towards a goal?
It might come from the fact that you dont FULLY trust yourself..
A way to regain certainty, is that EVERY TIME you make a commitment you always follow through.
This going to do 2 major things for you!

1. The more you follow through with your commitments, it makes it so that every time you say your going to do something “you” actually believe that your going to do it -> Giving you the certainty that its actually going to work out.

2. Its also going to make it so that not only do “you” trust yourself, but the universe is going to trust you BECAUSE of your certainty. It will start to “place the stepping stones” per say, towards your goal. Certainty is like the fuel for the Universe to make things happen for you πŸ™‚

So ALWAYS stick with your commitments no matter how small πŸ˜‰


  1. Steve Lakey

    It helps if you can act “as if” your goal has already been achieved. Little acts of faith that show you believe in your own ability to succeed on your chosen path.


  2. psygeekchic

    for sure! fake it till you make can work wonders. but i’m also big on ‘everything is as it should be’ which kind of trains the psyche to trust that things are working out as they should, and that no matter how bad the circumstance is that you are in, everything is in fact working out to your ultimate benefit. you got trust the universe to work for you if you want to tap into it’s limitless gifts.

    nice work thomas. keep it up. πŸ™‚

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