Radical Openness = Erupting the World’s Creativity and Inovation

Radical Openness

Do you love new ideas, inovations, new perspectives, and new possibilities?
Well I’m just like you! I watched a video of Jason Silva talking about radical openness and the concept of having complete openness with ideas, thoughts, and visions.

This would fast track the “evolution” of inovation to the extreme, because of the fact that a lot of scientist are saying that “thoughts are about as real as the neurons that they in habit” and they are revealing themselves to be more and more life like! Which is crazy! (In a good way lol)

Its saying that if a group of people (whether is 10 or 10 million) expressing their thoughts and ideas, make it so that thoughts can “have sex”, leaping from mind to mind, growing and expanding, building upon each other and ERUPTING the world with creativity! Which really excites me šŸ˜›

But watch the video. You’ll enjoy it šŸ™‚

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