Being Wealthy is a Responsibility

Being Wealthy is a Responsibility

I truly believe exactly what T. Harv Eker says, that we have the responsibility to be wealthy and find prosperity because there are those who CANT.

I believe 1 common purpose between all human beings is that we should all strive to end suffering in this world, and a lot of that suffering comes from a lack of prosperity…

Thats what I’m doing.

The affiliate internet marketing that i’m doing is going to give a vehicle to create that prosperity for myself and my friends to that I can go out and bless all those around me abundantly! 🙂

My 1 main goal in life is to be able to bless as many people in my lifetime as I can!


  1. Raphael's Legacy

    Hi Thomas,

    You’re blessed with great power, great energy and actually great decency too, a terrific combination I must say.

    Therein; I hope that 2013 brings you everything you want, everything you deserve and that you manifest, to your full potential.

    Best wishes RL 🙂

  2. mattchase2013

    You are already meeting your goal with the blessing of this post Tom and what a wonderful day to do this on! May prosperity rain on you, on me and on all Beings from this day forward.

    We deserve it.

    Bring. it. ON!!!

    Matt 🙂

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