Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

We’re a Therapeutic Society

Where were only mending our “so called problems”, instead of going to the roots to see whats going on. And the sad part is.. Think about all the money thats being made from all that? MILLIONS.

And you know whats even crazier! How freaking simple the solution is… Its a matter of changing your perspective, which can happen in an INSTANT, and doing things like meditating to become whole in who you are.

How much does that solution cost?? NOTHING. lol Its free, its faster, and way simpler.

Our Perspective Needs to Change

While we’re smashing through our “obstacles”, were actually missing and walking over learning experiences. There is NO empowerment with the perspective that there are things that go wrong. Period.

When you can see that this is a perfect universe and that everything happens for a reason, that nothings “goes wrong”, and you are CONSTANTLY learning…. That is when you will stop surviving and begin to thrive!



  1. Sarudzayi

    Wow I really needed to hear that. Sometimes I feel so crappy about my life and what’s going on it, and constantly feel like blaming others instead of looking at myself and fixing the problem. This made me feel better. I was at a low point but now I feel a great high. Thanks!

  2. willbfit

    I just started following your blog, and just love the content. And it’s so true what your wrote! Everything does happen for a reason…somebody broke your heart? Well, maybe God (my belief system) is preparing you for the right person that will be entering your life soon. Your power gets turned off? You’ll learn to manage your money better. Once I stopped playing the victim, and believing I was at the mercy of the universe, changed my attitude from “why me” to “ok, so next time I’ll do this…or, I can accept the fact that I can’t change yesterday, but I can control on how I react to situations, and react as positively as I can. Not always successful, but I try. I really enjoy your videos, too! They are so passionate, and inspiring. Great stuff! ~Maria

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