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  2. Janet

    One of my favorite quotes! Actually so many on your blog I love – including the one by Winston Churchill. Glad to meet you Tom – looks like we talk about a lot of similar things : ) Thanks for sharing with the world we can all live an amazing life.
    Janet xx

  3. feel good in your space

    Why does it take us so long to figure it out? I think the younger ones being born now will have it more together. Each generation does the best they can, with what they believe and know at the time. Thank God (or the Universe) that the shift to being happy and aligned with yourself, is beginning to take hold. That is why I love reading and listening to Abraham-Hicks.

    • thomasmaxwell12

      I honestly think its because of how much the media drives “perfection” and “consumerism” into our minds. It creates the mindset that 1. We’re not good enough in our looks or in who we are. 2. That we need something external, like clothes or a vehicle to be accepted and liked, and to make us happy.
      They’re lies, your perfect, and you already have happiness inside of you 🙂

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