Dalai Lama, All I can say is Wow.

Dalai Lama, All I can say is Wow.

There is so much truth in that its incredible. I especially liked when he said we have “more knowledge but less judgement” and “more experts and more problems”.

It goes to show a couple things:

1. We’re a therapy culture. We wait till theres something wrong and then try to “put a bandaid” on it rather than go to the root of the problem. And 99% of our problems are internal problems attracting the external “problems” that we’re paying 100s of $1000s of dollars trying to fix.

2. We value plain regurgitated information that we learn in school, over insightful thinking which actually makes a difference in your life. The other just gets you a better job. It doesn’t get you any closer to spiritual or emotional enlightenment, which gives you true fulfillment in life.

It really goes back to the point that the only way I believe the world will really change is when we have a shift in consciousness to realize whats truly valuable in this world. Most of all that we strive for is mainly wrapped around our ego, which keeps up chasing external “solutions” to happiness and fulfillment all our lives when the thing that we were looking for was already inside of us the entire time.

It just takes some humility, and awareness to see and choose it.


  1. davidhare3000

    Hey Tom
    what a superb summary of the world today and what an enlightened man he and you are šŸ™‚ Please keep posting this great stuff, I don’t mean to be patronising but it is rare to see a young man doing this as many young people nowadays have been taught to be self-obsessed.

    Getting back to the Dalai Lama quote, I believe we live in a time where we venerate clever brains when what the world most needs now is wise hearts. More on this in a recent post on my blog:


    warmest wishes

    • thomasmaxwell12

      Thanks David! I really appreciate the support buddy, honestly.
      And yeah I completely agree. Theres such underrated value in intuition. And its funny because the logical side only uses 1 billionth of our brain, so your intuition is so much more valuable šŸ™‚

      Thanks again man,


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  3. Matt Chase International

    Fabulous Tom, I was blessed enough to see the Dalai Lama in Manchester in June and had a fantastic two days listening to his teachings. I spent weeks afterwards feeling – well beyond words actually so I won’t try!

    Just want to mention something about therapy, if I may, I absolutely understand and agree – in the main – with what you say, that we do apply the bandaid all too often and thus miss bringing about real change. BUT – Therapy, when experienced properly and with the right therapist IS about getting to the root. Once we have done this – the results really are AMAZING – the changes (including increased capacity for compassion, which is what the Dalai Lama teaches) then often happen spontaneously… Why?

    Because of the shift in consciousness.

    I hope that helps anyone reading who may have experienced therapy and/or be curious about what it’s all about.
    And Tom – Lovin’ ya work dude… Lovin’ ya work! šŸ™‚

    • thomasmaxwell12

      Wow! That would have been incredible šŸ™‚
      I TOTALLY agree in that its all about a shift in consciousness to become more internally aware. I guess its also more in the sense that we wait for something to go wrong before we “go to the doctor” instead of focusing on being healthy in our body, spirit and mind so we dont have to go see therapists all the time to “fix” our problems. If we focused on changing our perspective to see how much our thoughts effected our lives there would be an extreme decrease in depression. You know what I mean?

      Thanks a lot buddy! Your awesome šŸ™‚

      We still gotta chat on skype sometime though!

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