1. Amanda


    I think vision is really an amazing motivator and compass. For a long time, I would have said, “With a million dollars, I want to travel the world,” but I couldn’t tell you what I would do with that incredible gift. Now, I know exactly what I would do. I would work to reach women who are ready to embark on a journey to find their true nature through holistic branding and life as an entrepreneur. The amazing thing is…I now realize that I can reach women globally via my blog (soon to be blogging business – Hey, love your new AD for EN. Very inviting! I’m going to click it as soon as I finish this.) I’m studying the AWOL education. I’m through day one and I am finding it tremendously valuable. Have a great day, Tom! Off to do my yoga and meditation practice {smile}.

    With love, Amanda

    • thomasmaxwell12

      Hey Amanda

      Thanks so much! And that’s awesome Amanda! It’s so incredibly powerful to be clear in what you want in your goals and your vision. It’s going to help you a LOT. One of the things me, Kam, Dakota and Glen are going to be doing is; writing a cheque every day for what we plan to buy with the money. It starts off with 1000$ and it goes up by 1000$ every day so in 30 days your spending 30000$ in a day! It REALLY helps with getting really clear with what you want to do with the income.

      And I look forward to talking to you and setting up a game plan!

      Cheers 🙂

      • Amanda

        Hi Tom!

        I love it. Honestly, I had to read it twice because my mind kept reading ‘earn’ instead of ‘spend’. The spending exercise really focuses our values tangibly. Dreams are funded by vision, effort and capital, right?

        I started today! I look forward to seeing the changes over the next month. I am on my way with a game plan. I have been taking notes with the concepts/ideas that I feel will be the most successful in realizing my mission which includes earning an income and inspiring other Mom’s to do the same. When this busy week is over (Friday). I will likely be ready to write a preliminary plan.

        I really look forward to your input as I know you, Kam, Glen and Dakota have seen some real success.

        Maybe we can talk Friday morning? Say, 10AM EST?

        With love, Amanda

  2. Amanda

    Yes…I have seen the video on the link. It really grabbed me. In fact, I think it inspired me to believe in the possibility of a blogging business. Really great!

  3. Leslie Stockton

    I am working toward moving to or near LA to be close to my Mom. That is my goal and i believe my purpose .. I will not give up my goal and the gods have seen fit to bless me with a road (that is so tough at times) toward that end. that is why we have tears .. ❤ great post

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  5. reocochran

    Yes clarity could be the new way of learning how to be better every things! We need clarity in our goals, in our writing, in our world, in our lives… It is a wonderful word and hope it inspires us all to find it within the many facets of its usage.

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