Emergency Room Lesson – Keep Your Business Out Of the Hospital

Stop struggling in your business.

Theres people out there who have already gone through what your doing.

Instead of going through all the pain of doing it yourself, why not just leverage someone else who already has the experience?

Because you realize there is someone who has done what you are doing right now, before you… so why get hurt?

Just take my advice and let me show you how to skip the struggle ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. mkesling63

    I can relate to wanting to do it yourself. If I succeed, I succeeded. If I fail on my own I learn from it better. I don’t fear failure. People fail in mistakes. It doesnt mean you will get scarred from a mistake. You fix it an move on. Sometimes people want to help adults too much. What might appear as an emergency tough for one may be just what is needed for another. I believe the more successses a person can own on their own the better their sefl esteem develops with them. I can understand the want to help but things are not always needed like that. Sometimes you help more by not helping.
    There should be no shame, no put downs in a failure. Mistakes can lead to great things. Look at the post it note history. Apparently the inventor was told to make a glue that would bond anything and we got post it note pads. There is profit sometimes in mistakes. So let people make them.

    • thomasmaxwell12

      I agree with a lot of what your saying. There’s a balance with the help you give someone. I’m not talking about doing something for someone, at all.

      It’s about giving someone a plan, a technique that ACTUALLY works and allow them to learn it.
      It’s like you trying to learn how to play hockey. Since you’ve “never seen it played before” you play with the stick upside down, trying to figure out how you someone can be a professional and have success with it. It would be the same if someone told you how to hold the stick and different ways to shoot the puck. You still have to go and learn how to actually do it though.

      Because based on your philosophy we should literally never have any kind of teacher or mentor in society and I doubt you agree with that.

      So there is a place for people to be taught.

      • mkesling63

        It is the emergency room stance you took that made me comment like I did. However I do believe there is an emergency issue for educators. That is help with the global role modeling on the stock market that produces more gain in material manufacturing then service to people.That is the only emergency I see in education and that requires the educators to go back to the top. Thanks for claifing for me. I beleieve the global role model in all needs to be re-established first as competantly as possible. I don’t believe educators or the religious are materialistc but would rather serve people as personal uplifters. Now this to me is an emergency in all education. Educators have a bad rep but they shouldn’t there the emergency is more for the educator. When you educate you uplift.

      • mkesling63

        Regards to your last statement of “There is a place for people to be taught” Witht he global crisis of faith and self identy issue everywhere. I persoanlly think “There is a place for everybody to uplift another” for teachers too. Theachers just seem to have this global rep going that is not good and wasn’t earned by them. It was earned for them by dictators

  2. Food 4 The Soul 93

    An interesting site. It’s so true a number of us share the same or similar experiences in life. And thanks for visiting my site! Good luck and success to you…


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