What ACTUALLY is Affiliate Marketing?

I know theres a lot of you out there who have some pretty negative misconceptions about affiliate marketing. Cause I know I did before lol trust me. 

But I hope this clears up a lot of the “myths” surrounding affiliate marketing. Because its actually a viable way to create an income wether thats online, with someone like Amazon.com, or offline with a company like Vemma.

Theres literally 100’s of affiliate marketing offers, even itunes has one. 

Its simply a way for someone to start a business with a small investment and have the ability to reap large returns.

No where else in “traditional business” can you start a business for $25-$500 and create a $3000-$10,000 per month income with in a year (depending on the affiliate offer). Literally no where lol. 

Lets just look at a traditional business like Mcdonalds…

You’d think because they’re on every single street corner (it seems) that the guys owning them are raking in the cash. But thats not exactly true.

It costs a few million dollars to actually start a Mcdonald’s franchise and you’ll spend about 3-5 years paying that back. 

So that means you aren’t really going to be profitable for 3-5 years. And for the majority of time (in the beginning  you’ll spend a lot of time “flipping burgers”, inside your restaurant  to save money on the overhead. Sounds like a lot of fun huh? lol

Now with affiliate marketing its a little different. You can start being profitable almost immediately. I mean, when I started in my business I had my first $100 and $500 sale in my first week and then my first $1000 sale in my second week which was freakin awesome! 

Now I’m not saying that EVERY single person will make that kind of money from affiliate marketing.

To be honest theres some people make no money.

Because theres a lot of products out there – Literally 1000’s. Now most of them are just garbage, but some actually do work really well… but the hard thing is that 99% of those are lacking something. 

Community. People. Mentors. 

People are the frame work of a business

But from my experience, its been the most successful when you get around the right PEOPLE who actually have results who are helping you.

And its not just 1 guy who had success 5 years ago lol. Its when average people, all across the board, are having success.

Thats the kind of company that you want to look at 🙂

I hope that helps clear things up!


  1. Matt Chase International

    That doesn’t clear things up for me Tom – Because you still don’t explain WHAT it is you are selling. Also, I notice that people signed up with the Empower Network/Project A.W.O.L – ‘like’ several of my posts within 60 seconds so they must either be REALLY fast readers OR – They are dishonestly building their networks by manipulating blogging and the people who write their blogs. This may make sound business sense, but it goes against everything I have heard you say about compassion and kindness.

    Here’s an example:

    Three guys promoting Empower click ‘Like’ on several of my posts, three of which were explaining my personal suffering, loss, physical and mental breakdown and lack of money. I then get ‘tricked’ into clicking on their blogs to see what they are about – they want me to pay them $25 to sign up for something I know little about. Except here’s the thing… I have NO money. Not a little, not low on cash – NONE.

    I want you to imagine this. Feel it. Sense it.

    On a scale of 1-10, has your anxiety/fear gone UP… or DOWN. Has this way of doing business left you feeling empowered – or manipulated?

    The affiliate links on my posts are clearly marked and are to physical products related to the post that people will or will not buy anyway. I haven’t made a penny from it yet (it’s a new addition) BUT I would much rather build from the ground up in honesty and integrity, than trick people who may be so desperate that they buy a ‘dream’ from me that I have no right to be selling.

    I hope that helps, is understood and is sent with much love.

    Matt 🙂

    • melanie jean juneau

      I agree with your impressions of affiliate marketing especially since I am in precisly the same financial situation as you are. I love to write, read, review but to market products on my blog seems dishonest

      • Matt Chase International

        Bless you and thank you for your feedback. I personally think that marketing actual products from your blog is fine – certainly when I see writers selling their work or others work I don’t think anything of it – it’s the ‘invisible’ products I find problematic and yes, ultimately dishonest. Whether they are aware of this or not.

        I don’t know what stage you are at with your writing but remember that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter from a tiny flat (apartment if you are in the States) with 2 children and little money… after 12 rejections – She made it!

        Keep the Faith 🙂

    • Chris Attaway

      Whatever this is, if it’s actually making money right now, it will probably burst like the dot-com bubble. The way it looks, though, this sounds like the empty promises of Amway employees.

      • thomasmaxwell12

        affiliate marketing has been around for over 50 years. Over %10 of all house holds are involved in home businesses. And the fact of the matter is that I’ve been able to have a lot of success with this and I have a LOT of other friends who are having success also. But if you have a sour mindset thats exactly what you’re going to create for yourself.

      • Chris Attaway

        A bit further research reveals that affiliate marketing is responsible for many of the internet’s worst practices. Even if you are living “the life,” I would not trade my integrity for a nice house.

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