Science of Parallel Universes

Mind Blown Yet?


  1. lifesjourney321

    Infinite possibilities are tangible here and now….its called choice…choose, then choose again, again and again…you never stop choosing your possibilities. WE have the power to create what we desire….like NIKE says: just do it!

  2. michaelanson

    Morning Tom, I loved your video, if you indeed created it. I myself am inclined to subscribe to the multiverse theory of many worlds, and infinite choices in how to live out one’s life–many multiple lives. This video makes me want to reread the Golden Compass series, including the two later books, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. It also makes me want to rent the Matrix and, more specifically, Vanilla Sky, starring Tom Cruise. Anyone who says Cruise can’t act hasn’t seen enough films. Have a wonderful, multi-dimensional day. Michael–

  3. Quantamama

    Nope my mind is not blown yet, but thank you for sharing it. I just watched this the other day myself. Nice concise visual way to convey information I’m going to share it with my kids. Never too soon to start them on physics.

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