You’re Perfect :)

Me and Dakota really believe that giving is a HUGE part of life and having success. But we wanted to do something a little bit more creative..

So instead of just giving to a charity, we decided to make signs that say “you’re perfect”.

We walked around Rawaii in Phuket, Thailand and it was SO rewarding to see all the smiles of the people seeing our signs 🙂 It honestly was the best feeling ever to be able to make people happy!

So join the movement and make your own signs and share the love and energy! 🙂

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  1. simplyenjoy

    What a sweet idea… smiles are contagious! I’ll share that one time while stuck in traffic my best friend and then boyfriend (now husband) and I made signs to display in car windows “Don’t worry, be happy” and “Slow down and enjoy life :)” A lot of people who were grumpy and annoyed with the vehicular jam started smiling and giving thumbs up. Sometime’s it’s just the little things!

  2. priya24y

    Again what can i say awesome stuff, that you guys are doing and putting so much thought in today’s time about all these little things when people just have no time for anything, for even themselves. Keep up the good work. I wish i could help and join you guys there, but not possible. but loads of love to you guys. Bless u xxoo

  3. luvwhatuce

    Best quote I’ve heard in a long time “that’s some drive-by lovin’ right there”… Somehow, I’m going to have to work that one into my daily conversations (but I’ll need to make up some of my own signs!). I just wanted to say- this video was GREAT! One can truly “see” the genuine love you have, for what you’re doing. So inspiring. Keep it up! 🙂

    P.S. (& thanks for the ‘likes’ on my lil’ ole site!)

  4. optimisticgladness

    I love this! It is so inspiring. His statement, “There is so much freakin power in giving” made me laugh out loud….but it’s the truth. So good!

  5. luciengrey

    Excellent guys, love it, Work Less, Live More! Also love the concept of just giving two hours of your day to enrich others, if everyone did that what a world we could live in!

  6. souldipper

    You guys are giving twice, Thomas. Your sweet, simple, reminding message is one thing. But there’s also the sweetness of young people being tuned in and turned on to giving. That’s a bonus. A Way Of Living!!

  7. victoriabruce

    I love how small actions can make such huge differences. Each person who read your signs walked away a lighter in spirit. It is a good reminder that simple small things are just as important as big grand gestures.

  8. iNotes4You

    Hi Thomas.
    Next time when I go back to my 2nd residence, a small village near ā¸‚ā¸­ā¸™āšā¸–āšˆā¸™ in the northern part of the country, I will try it out although everybody already knows that it’s true when it comes to cooking.
    ā¸™ā¸˛ā¸ĸ āš‚ā¸—ā¸Ąā¸ąā¸Ē ā¸­ā¸¸ā¸™āš€ā¸—ā¸­ā¸ŖāšŒā¸Ēāš€ā¸—āš‡ā¸™āš€ā¸Žā¸­āš€ā¸Ÿā¸­ā¸ŖāšŒ

  9. billhogan77

    Y’all are proof positive that it is better to give than to receive! I’ve often wondered… if encouragement costs us nothing… then why are we so stingy with it? Keep on “spending!”

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  12. joeyhl

    This was an amazing project! I think you did a great job by doing this! How inspiring… and thank you for passing by my blog and liking it. 🙂

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