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The Next Vehicle I’m Buying in 2013.

The Next Vehicle I'm Buying in 2013.

Not gonna lie, the Aventador is probably the sexxiest vehivle I’ve ever seen in my life! It caught my eye and never let go 😉 haha.

This is probably the most BADASS commercial I’ve ever seen for a vehicle!

I’ll probably look at buying at around the fall, just because i’m going to be doing a lot of traveling around Thailand, South Africa and Costa Rica in the spring and summer.

But I’m definitely picking this baby up once I settle down a little and buy a house 😛

Being Wealthy is a Responsibility

Being Wealthy is a Responsibility

I truly believe exactly what T. Harv Eker says, that we have the responsibility to be wealthy and find prosperity because there are those who CANT.

I believe 1 common purpose between all human beings is that we should all strive to end suffering in this world, and a lot of that suffering comes from a lack of prosperity…

Thats what I’m doing.

The affiliate internet marketing that i’m doing is going to give a vehicle to create that prosperity for myself and my friends to that I can go out and bless all those around me abundantly! 🙂

My 1 main goal in life is to be able to bless as many people in my lifetime as I can!

Changing Africa One Glass of Water at a Time

One of my goals (and dreams) is, through Empower Network, to build a well in every country in Africa and to then visit all the villages and communities.

I have a burning passion in my heart for Africa, and I’ve had it for years. It just kills me inside to think of how many things I take for granted, when theres people who dont even had clean water…

But I’m gonna use that fire in my heart, not to sit on my couch and cry and be upset and do nothing. I’m gonna go out and take some MASSIVE ACTION and actually make a difference in the world! 🙂

I’m going to be traveling and volunteering in Africa this summer or fall and I absolutely cannot wait!!

My Buddy Dakota just Retired at 19 and Moved to Thailand :)

My Buddy Dakota just Retired at 19 and Moved to Thailand :)

I’m sure a lot of you just read that and were like wtf?! haha
Sounds pretty crazy, and almost a little unbelievable that hes managed to go from being; ripped everyday of his life, getting wasted every weekend, no “real future” to turning his life around and retiring….

…at 19 lol. We started doing some internet marketing together with my other buddy Kam, after we failed pretty miserably in an MLM company (me for 1 year) selling shakes and calling everyone we knew.

When we found somethin where we didn’t need to call our friends and hit up strangers, and were able to help 10x the amount of people we jumped in! And its been a crazy ride so far 🙂

In about 1-2 months after starting, he retired from his job and moved to
Thailand with 2 of my friends Glen and Kam. They’ve been there for a couple months, and i’m planning on doing the same in February!

You have no idea how pumped up I am!! I’ve never actually been to a tropical beach before aha 🙂

I love what were doing because it gives us the ability to DESIGN our lives, exactly how we want. Theres no limitations set on us by our job, or current situation.


The best part for me though is being albe to have something where I’ll be able to build wells, sponsor 100’s of kids and volunteer in Africa! Along with so many of my other dreams!

Its gonna be a wild ride 😛

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