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Manifest Your Destiny

Manifest Your Destiny

This is my daily affirmation, that I write every evening.
Doing an affirmation is insanely import to being able to manifest the things you want in your life. 🙂

You can do this because of the Law of Attraction!

What that is, is a law that states that like energy attracts like energy. Its the fact that you attract what you ARE not what want, because of your STATE.

You must BE successful and act like a successful person to attract success into your life. Wanting creates a state of “being without” which will attract more of which creates that state of not having.

So the purpose of an Affirmation is to make the “states of being”, that you right down, concrete in your subconscious mind and to command the universe.

This will manifest the universe to bring and attract to you that which creates the state that you affirm.

For ex. When I say “I am a happy, confident, muscular and successful man..” I am manifesting situations and things that will then bring happiness, confidence, and success into my life.

Whether it means I am directly changing inwardly or outwardly, the result will still be the same of that which you manifest!

So go and write down a daily affirmation in PRESENT TENSE of the exact person you wish to be and the exact things you desire in your life 🙂