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The Power of Being Present 1/2

The Power of Being Present 1/2

Have you ever felt like reality is a little “fuzzy” sometimes?

Or, have you ever driven to work one day, and almost didn’t even remember your drive?

Well chances are you weren’t present. You weren’t consciously aware of what was going on around you, and you were running on your subconscious patterns. Which can be helpful when you used properly, but for most people ->

This is not a good thing!

I’m going to reveal the answer to why, and how you can change that for yourself by the end of this post 🙂

First off, we need to figure out what “being present” means. To be aware – or present – it means that you are not “lost” in your thoughts or actions. Being “lost” simply is saying that you are not fully aware of the things happening in your mind or around you.

If you are not consciously present then how are you managing to work or even drive?

Easy. When you do something over and over again it becomes a habit. Ands habits are drilled into your subconscious – meaning – you can do them when your not consciously paying attention to them.

Like moving your arm. Its almost impossible to consciously and individually flex the muscles in your arm to move it. Thats because you’ve done it so much that you dont have to think about it anymore. Just like driving to work.

Theres a big problem with that.

If you ONLY run on subconscious patterns you can’t move forward or progress. In anything. If you are not aware of whats going on around you how can you expect to change it. And this is unfortunately how 99% of people run their lives.

I’ll explain it like this. Imagine standing in a room and your body feels like its almost on fire. Your skin is blistering, and sweat pours down your face, but you can’t tell what is it because the lights are off in the room.Its not until you “turn on the lights” you see that your standing directly beside a furnace – lol.

You have to “turn on the lights” to see the problem

Its not until you become consciously aware of your surroundings – how your acting and thinking – that you’ll see the problem. You can feel the pain, but its not until you “turn on the lights” per se that you can see the problem and change it.

I had a buddy of mine, Kam, once simply say, “Awareness creates choice”. And hes right.

I used to live with one of my buddies for a few months. He was an awesome friend of mine (still is). His name was Dan, and we lived in a house together in the city. Everything was going great! But after a while things started to turn sour between us… we’d get in fights, argue, wouldn’t hang out as much – It was painful! I ended up getting kick out… and it hurt. A LOT.

But I had no idea why.

It wasn’t until that I lived with a few other friends, about a year later that I started to see why… I hadn’t changed my behaviour from how I lived with Dan and they ended up sitting me down for a chat. They basically told me that I’m a mess. I didn’t pick up after myself, and that I needed to do more of my part around the house.

I literally had no IDEA. But in the moment a light buld lit up in my head. I had the power now. Because I was now aware of why I was causing that problem, so now I had a choice!

And that is the ultimate power!

Tomorrow i’m going to show you exactly how you can begin to become more aware and present in your day to day life! 🙂

The Key to Higher Consciousness part 1.

Keys to Higher Consciousness  part 1.

The Key to Higher Consciousness

A higher consciousness or awareness is what I believe to be the key to fulfillment and to being able to manifest and create things in your world on a much larger scale.

What Is Consciousness?

First, before I share my insight on how to actually do this, we need to understand what consciousness actually is. What it is, is the act of interpreting your environment through through a certain “filter” of understanding.

But you must understand that It is not simply white or black. It is not that you are conscious or unconscious, because in actuality there are MANY levels on consciousness. Though there are many levels, most of us only see things on a very low level thus are spiritual awareness and fulfilment are very low…

A way to explain this difference in levels of consciousness is like if all of us were born with a mask over our face. This mask represents a lack of understanding. As we grow older and learn more we poke small holes through this mask to see things more clearly.

We have our “guesses” for what things might be like, just as a child thinks that stars might be light bulbs that are turned on and off, as do we have our own interpretations of our world around us.

How to Deepen Our Understanding

The catalyst for these understandings and realizations is questions. The act of questioning is what sparks thoughts and ideas which then lead to answers which further more leads to a higher understanding.

We questioned EVERYTHING when we were children with the resounding “why”..why is the sky blue…why do dogs bark…which probably seemed never ending lol. But the problem is that once we become adults a lot of us STOP QUESTIONING our world…


Which leaves only a few holes in our mask to see out of, missing out on an incredibly large amount of understanding.

Its these questions, and wonders which start to peal away the mask to see that the world is not merely rocks and dirt, and we are not just some animalistic creatures…

But that we are in fact spiritual beings having a physical experience, living in a world projected from our imaginings. And that when you fully embrace that, and open your eyes, you can begin your spiritual journey to a higher consciousness…


**I will explain in later blog post of how to now raise your spiritual awareness and to heighten your consciousness 🙂

I really hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for part 2 😛

Change Your Reality by a Thought.


Change Your Reality by a Thought

I just finished reading a book called happy pocket.

It was one of the most mind bending books on success and the world around us that I’ve ever read. It opened my mind up to sooo many ideas, but the main thing was we literally have complete control over every aspect of our lives.

It broke down the science of success and happiness to quantum physics… haha probably sounds a little crazy already 😉 The basic principle that It talks about though is that we are the cause of our circumstances, not the result.

What Is Energy?

To tell you how that works, I gotta break it down first.. When you look at a cell under a microscope its made up of molecules, those molecules are made up of atoms, which are made up of sub-atomic particles which aren’t made up of energy, they are energy. So, everything is just made up of different arrangements of this energy. 

The thing you need to know though, that these particles of energy are insanely weird lol. One quote from Deepak Chopra “Quantum physics is not just stranger than you think, its stranger than you can think”, because just the act of observing the particle, changes the way it looks! 

This video helps explain that.


So how can we manipulate and change our reality?

Simply by changing our intention. Our intention is a thought and belief, in certainty, of what we desire to happen. And through setting intention and consistent action you create the exact kind of life you want!

Cheers 🙂




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