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Dream House for This Year

Dream House for This Year

I’ve finally set my heart on the dream house that I’m going to live in, in South Africa this year. Its definitely this one!

You have no idea how freaking excited I am that my dream is actually coming true! Its one of the most beautiful countries that I think I’ve ever seen.

Its a 7 bedroom house and you want to know the craziest part?

Its only $1900/month each for rent. It may sound like quite a bit, but considering the look of this house, its freaking amazing!

So what do you think? 🙂

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You Deserve It.

You Deserve It.

What ACTUALLY is Affiliate Marketing?

I know theres a lot of you out there who have some pretty negative misconceptions about affiliate marketing. Cause I know I did before lol trust me. 

But I hope this clears up a lot of the “myths” surrounding affiliate marketing. Because its actually a viable way to create an income wether thats online, with someone like Amazon.com, or offline with a company like Vemma.

Theres literally 100’s of affiliate marketing offers, even itunes has one. 

Its simply a way for someone to start a business with a small investment and have the ability to reap large returns.

No where else in “traditional business” can you start a business for $25-$500 and create a $3000-$10,000 per month income with in a year (depending on the affiliate offer). Literally no where lol. 

Lets just look at a traditional business like Mcdonalds…

You’d think because they’re on every single street corner (it seems) that the guys owning them are raking in the cash. But thats not exactly true.

It costs a few million dollars to actually start a Mcdonald’s franchise and you’ll spend about 3-5 years paying that back. 

So that means you aren’t really going to be profitable for 3-5 years. And for the majority of time (in the beginning  you’ll spend a lot of time “flipping burgers”, inside your restaurant  to save money on the overhead. Sounds like a lot of fun huh? lol

Now with affiliate marketing its a little different. You can start being profitable almost immediately. I mean, when I started in my business I had my first $100 and $500 sale in my first week and then my first $1000 sale in my second week which was freakin awesome! 

Now I’m not saying that EVERY single person will make that kind of money from affiliate marketing.

To be honest theres some people make no money.

Because theres a lot of products out there – Literally 1000’s. Now most of them are just garbage, but some actually do work really well… but the hard thing is that 99% of those are lacking something. 

Community. People. Mentors. 

People are the frame work of a business

But from my experience, its been the most successful when you get around the right PEOPLE who actually have results who are helping you.

And its not just 1 guy who had success 5 years ago lol. Its when average people, all across the board, are having success.

Thats the kind of company that you want to look at 🙂

I hope that helps clear things up!

Do You Know Your Own Value?


Do you know your own value?

Do you REALLY know how special you are?

You are truly very special and whether you know it or not
I’m going to make sure you do by the time you finish reading
this email.

You see . . .

If you’re reading this email you’re NOT an ordinary person
and I hold you in the highest regard because of this.

Let me explain . . .

In daily life, whether you are now living the life of your
choosing or not, you hold something inside of you that the
others don’t. And you will always be more successful and live
a more full and joy filled life than they ever will because
of it.

You choose to dream.

You choose to hope for more out of life.

You close your eyes and you see something better than the
current situation and you KNOW it’s possible and you reach
for it.

Why are you reading this email?

You are a fellow blogger and entrepreneur and you dream of success and you
dream of prosperity and you want to learn how to attain it.

You’re here because you’re playing offence.

You saw a problem and you actively sought out a solution.

You didn’t wait for someone to spoon feed you the solution
or go and solve it for you. Rather, you proactively sought
out the solution yourself.

Do you know how special this makes you?

Most people wait to be told what to do so they don’t have to
think for themselves.

You didn’t! You independently sought a solution to creating
wealth and prosperity through network marketing because you
dream for more out of life.

(If you are aware of the Stephen R. Covey’s “7 Habits of
Highly Successful People” this is Habit #1 and the
cornerstone of ALL success.)

You’re NOT greedy.

You don’t dream of these things because you think they will
make you a better person or because you must have the
material wealth that they bring.

In fact, the exact opposite is true.

You WILL attain prosperity and all that comes with it
because you have the courage to have a dream AND you take
action on it.

You dream despite what they say.

THEY tell you you’re crazy.

THEY tell you it’s not possible.

THEY tell you you’re just wasting your time.

THEY tell you that you’re just going to end up broke.

And then . . .

They watch to see what happens.

So that if you hit a hurdle THEY can say “I told you that
would happen.”

THEY offer no help.

But you know why . . .

You know they say these things because they’re too scared to
dream themselves.

They live life passively.

They play the game of life on defence.

They get a job and wait for someone to give them a raise.

You play the game of life on offense.

You go and find a way to create your own raise.

You want to help the world by creating and spreading value
to and for others.

They want the world to create value for them so that someone
will give them a deal.

Do you now see the difference between you and them?

I do.

Here’s what’s funny to me.

Why do the same people that tell you that you can’t achieve
something in life quickly forget all of their critical
remarks and shower you with praise when you do achieve
your dreams and then ask if you could teach them how to
do what you did?

Funny how things work out right?

All I want to let you know is that you are here because you
are a dreamer.

Your dream gives you power.

Your dream makes you a leader.

Your dream gives you freedom.

Your dream insures your success.

Lead and they will follow.

You are my inspiration. You are my fuel. You give me

And . . . I thank you for it.

If you haven’t been able to watch it already, I made this for you. Its a personal video, from me to you 🙂

Thank you again. You’re what brings a smile to my face




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Tie Happiness to a Goal

Tie Happiness to a Goal

Don’t Be Another Copy

Don't Be Another Copy




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Blogging Training: Secret to Unlimited Writing Ideas




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Your Own Reality Show?

Your Own Reality Show?

One of the CRAZIEST things is about to happen this may. Its going to literally blow your mind right out of the water…

Have you ever thought about what constitutes success?

Well one of the biggest pieces of the the formula is exposure… When you can create an audience you can then influence them.

Wether you have some friends, a blog with subscribers or your a rock star and have 1000’s of fans (like having your own reality tv show).


Your success (in what ever your trying to accomplish) will be determined by the amount of your influence.

I have a lot of people emailing me and asking me “how can I get more people to see my blog?” or “how can I get more people to see the book that I just wrote?”…

Well I’m about to give you an “easy switch” for getting infront of the biggest audience you’ve ever had in your life.


Whether your in online business, your a musician, or you just want to be able to inspire people and get your message out (like me).

This is for you.

This is going to be your opportunity to ACTUALLY get in a hollywood produced reality show in a $14 million mansion in Thailand.

Theres going to be private excursions, Lamborghini’s, and private Yacht excursions.

And guess what…

This wednesday were going to be holding a live webinar where you can see EXACTLY how you can come to be a part of this.

Where you can come join me, and get a spot on the frist entrepreneurial reality tv in history!


This is never going to happen again.

You won’t ever get an opportunity this sweet to get infront of an audience this huge in your entire life.

So register for the webinar (its free) here:


DO NOT miss this.

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Weekly Mind Blow: All I can say is WOW

How is that for putting things into perspective? 😉




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Do you have the “Monday Blues” too?

BeFunky_IMG_8259 BeFunky_IMG_8280 BeFunky_IMG_8389 BeFunky_IMG_8260 BeFunky_IMG_8606 BeFunky_IMG_8447 BeFunky_IMG_8623 BeFunky_IMG_8613 BeFunky_IMG_8338

We decided to go out to one of the most BEAUTIFUL beaches on a island in Thailand. Me and my buddies wanted to take the day and just relax… and take in the sun and the crystal blue waters.

Instead of dreading monday – having to go back to work – we were able to go out and have what some people might say, is a once in a lifetime opportunity… Trust me. The beach was that nice 🙂

And yet this is literally in our backyard – 5 minutes from our house!

This is EXACTLY what living Project AWOL is all about. Having the freedom to go out and do these things that most of you just don’t have the ability to do.

It isn’t just about making money though. Its about what that money can do for you. Maybe the beach isn’t your thing, maybe its being able to stay home and ACTUALLY be able to spend time with your kids.

Maybe one of your dreams is, like mine, is to retire your parents. But I would NEVER be able to do that working a job…

So its truly about what money allows you to do.

Thats it.

And I dont know about you, but I believe that EVERYONE should have that.

Everyone should be able to spend more time with their family.

Everyone should be able to give as much as they want to any charity.

Everyone should be able to buy the EXACT kind of car and house you want… never having to settle because of your bank account.

And the way to attain this freedom is simply by blogging. lol THATS IT.

I’ve been able to make a full time income, and travel to the most gorgeous beaches of the world just by plugging into this system and blogging.

And this is something that you can do to.

You don’t need your own product.

You don’t need to be a “tech guy”.

All you need to do is follow the trainings videos, set it up, and your set. Then you just blog.

I came from working 80 hours a week in a construction job, to making $1000 days just from using a simple blogging system. I’ve been able to help quite a few other people earn their dollar online.

And if you’re interested, and serious about making some money online from blogging I’ll PERSONALLY show you exactly whats worked for me. So YOU get all the techniques and strategies that will actually get you results.

If you are interested Click Below.

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See you on the beaches of the world!




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