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Emergency Room Lesson – Keep Your Business Out Of the Hospital

Stop struggling in your business.

Theres people out there who have already gone through what your doing.

Instead of going through all the pain of doing it yourself, why not just leverage someone else who already has the experience?

Because you realize there is someone who has done what you are doing right now, before you… so why get hurt?

Just take my advice and let me show you how to skip the struggle 😀

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Success Tip of the Day: 2 of the Most Common Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

This is a very common question that I get from quite a few people on facebook and also on my blog. I get asked all the time – “how is it possible to make money online, and from blogging”.

Theres actually a few ways you can do this.

One of them is called Google Adsense. How it works is you basically give Google permission to place ads on your site and when someone comes on your blog and clicks on them you can make some money.

These ads can be anything from car ads from Ford, to an ad from Best Buy selling computers.

So all that happens is that different ads get randomly placed onto your blog or website, and then when someone clicks on that ad you can make around $0.15-$1.00 per click.

So basically you need a massive amount of traffic on your blog to make much money lol.

The second way to make money from your blog is with affiliate marketing.

You can do this with 100’s of different companies but the concept is usually about the same across the board. Its actually a little similar to Google Adsense with a bit of a twist.

You place a website link to the “store” that your affiliating with on your blog – like amazon or best buy.

This can be in the form of a banner ad or just a plain link, what ever works best 🙂 But this time when someone clicks on it, they are taken to the online “store” and when they purchase a product you actually get a commission from that!

Pretty sweet huh?

So instead of getting a few cents from a click on an ad, you can get paid with a commission from any purchased products through you. This is usually around a 20-40% commission per purchase.

Most commissions aren’t that great, but what if I could actually show you a company you can affiliate with where you can get 100% of the commissions? So when someone spends 25$, 100$ or even $1000 you get ALL the money!

Sounds a little better huh? lol

The products they sell are actually online blogging and marketing courses to help you promote your blog and get more traffic.

This is actually what I’ve been personally using to retire and move to Thailand – All from just blogging a few hours a day 🙂

So if you’d like to learn more you can click below!

 Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 1.49.48 PM

Cheers and have a great day!

Key to Growth


If you want to be able to expand your skill set or to achieve something that you haven’t already achieved then you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Most people avoid being uncomfortable at all costs. And ironically most people aren’t very successful or have a large skill set. When you’re facing fear or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s like God/universe telling you that you need to grow.

That’s the purpose of life in my mind. To constantly be growing and stretching ourselves. So if you have a deserve to hit a certain goal, or achieve success in an area of your life I guarantee you your not gonna feel comfortable.

But I guarantee you that it’s gonna be worth it 🙂

Live Life by Design

Live Life by Design

Have you ever thought about that? Designing your own life… Every single aspect of it.

Choosing when you want to take a vacation, seeing your family as much as you want, or buying your dream house, or building a well in Africa.. Guess what —>> All of this is POSSIBLE.

How do I know? Because my buddy Dakota is 19, and is doing it, along with me and 2 other friends…Pretty crazy huh? lol

It may seem like you need to be “dealt the right cards” or have super powers to do it. But You dont. (I’m no super hero haha)

Dakota and I both worked in construction type jobs, where your told:
when to show up
when you can go to the bathroom
when you can eat
when you can go home to your family
and when you can have a vacation…

Not exactly my idea of designing my life.

So we started doing a couple different MLM businesses for about 6 months to a year, and failed pretty bad lol (I made no money).

But then we got in an internet marketing company called Empower Network.

Its absolutely changed my perspective on life, my mindset, and my ability to go out and help massive amounts of people!

Check this out! Made by my buddy Dakota

I love that Empower prides themselves in truly empowering people, which I haven’t seen in another company. The owners were actually ex-homeless, became successful online and then made this company simply so that the average person can LITERALLY turn their yearly income into their monthly income! Crazy huh? 🙂

3 of my friends have already retired, and are now living in Thailand enjoying the sun and the beach, without having to work at job building someone else’s dream.

So go out live life by design. Don’t let someone else design it for you.

You can see more about Empower Network here. 🙂


Being Wealthy is a Responsibility

Being Wealthy is a Responsibility

I truly believe exactly what T. Harv Eker says, that we have the responsibility to be wealthy and find prosperity because there are those who CANT.

I believe 1 common purpose between all human beings is that we should all strive to end suffering in this world, and a lot of that suffering comes from a lack of prosperity…

Thats what I’m doing.

The affiliate internet marketing that i’m doing is going to give a vehicle to create that prosperity for myself and my friends to that I can go out and bless all those around me abundantly! 🙂

My 1 main goal in life is to be able to bless as many people in my lifetime as I can!

My Buddy Dakota just Retired at 19 and Moved to Thailand :)

My Buddy Dakota just Retired at 19 and Moved to Thailand :)

I’m sure a lot of you just read that and were like wtf?! haha
Sounds pretty crazy, and almost a little unbelievable that hes managed to go from being; ripped everyday of his life, getting wasted every weekend, no “real future” to turning his life around and retiring….

…at 19 lol. We started doing some internet marketing together with my other buddy Kam, after we failed pretty miserably in an MLM company (me for 1 year) selling shakes and calling everyone we knew.

When we found somethin where we didn’t need to call our friends and hit up strangers, and were able to help 10x the amount of people we jumped in! And its been a crazy ride so far 🙂

In about 1-2 months after starting, he retired from his job and moved to
Thailand with 2 of my friends Glen and Kam. They’ve been there for a couple months, and i’m planning on doing the same in February!

You have no idea how pumped up I am!! I’ve never actually been to a tropical beach before aha 🙂

I love what were doing because it gives us the ability to DESIGN our lives, exactly how we want. Theres no limitations set on us by our job, or current situation.


The best part for me though is being albe to have something where I’ll be able to build wells, sponsor 100’s of kids and volunteer in Africa! Along with so many of my other dreams!

Its gonna be a wild ride 😛

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