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Transcending Limitations by Becoming Gods

Awesome video by Jason Silva! I love the ideas insight that he shares 🙂

Talking about transcending even our mortality and death, is freakin crazy!!

So I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Creating the World Around You, with Your Mind

One of the most mind blowing experiences that I’ve had is when I watched some videos of Jason Silva. It completely changed my perspective on what thoughts and dreams are, but more so, it was incredibly empowering.

Watch this video first though.  (click the picture)Image

I know theres a lot in there lol, its pretty heavy. But when you break it down, its basically saying that thoughts and dreams aren’t just these electric impulses of the brain, and thats it. Thoughts are objects and realities that just havent been explored yet.

Think of the airplane. The idea of the airplane existed back when we were cave men, but it just took the evolution of technology and creativity to actually THINK it. After the thought, then came drawing it down on a piece of paper, then models, and trial and error until it became on object in our reality. But the fact is, is that the “airplane” already existed… it was just a matter of us pulling our reality towards it.

This is getting faster and faster as our technology is advancing incredibly quickly, especially in the last 50 years! Check this out:

Compared to the super computers in the 60s, the iphone is 1000 times smaller, 1000 times cheaper and 1 million times cheaper.” – Jason Silva

And thats in 50 years! Its freakin nuts lol.

Jason Silva described it as shortening the “lag time” between our ideas and our realities, as our technology and the expansion of your mind to what is possible, grows.

So your ideas, and your dreams already actually exist…its just a matter of you taking action towards them in certainty, and you’ll be able catch your reality up to your dreams. For its not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

The overwhelming majority of theories are rejected because they contain bad explanations, not because they fail experimental tests.”

David Deutsch