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Collective Consciousness

This Shows how powerful and influential your intention and your consciousness is, not only on yourself, but on others. There are countless examples in history of when our consciousness about a certain idea, like slavery. It reached a critical mass of those who believed it was wrong, and then massive amounts of people just started deciding that this was something that they wouldn’t stand for.

Collective Consciousness is Very Powerful

It wasn’t because people walked around and convinced everyone that slavery was bad. It was the fact that a certain amount of people consciously decided that slavery was wrong and in turn that collective “intention” spread and effected those were not conscious of it. And that made massive amounts of people shift their intention in a short amount of time.


This works on a large scale, and also on smaller scales.

I’m sure many of you have heard something similar to “your the average of your 5 closest friends”, but have you ever thought that their consciousness of life, or lack their of, was having a direct effect on yours? If your around 5 people all the time that believe that they’re broke and that life is meaningless, that collective consciousness if your friends will slowly start to effect you whether you like it or not.Thats why you start to adopt certain beliefs and behaviours that are similar to the “tribe” that your around. Not because they sat there trying to convince you to believe and do certain things, but simply because of the collective intentions that are set, consciously or unconsciously, in that specific group.

So be careful who you surround your self with, and the environment that your in. Because its not just the collective consciousness of your friends, but the consciousness of the school that your in, and the town that the school is in. I know it may be a lot to think about, but being aware is the most important thing. Because

Awareness creates choice

Home Ideas for Moving to South Africa this Summer


Some of you know I’m retiring and moving Thailand next month 😛 But after Thailand, I really have my heart set on Cape Town in South Africa for this summer!

They have some of the most beautiful homes i’ve ever seen in my life! It’ll be such a blessing to be able to live in one of them this summer with my buddies 🙂

Were doing some internet marketing online, basically just blogging to be able to do all this crazy stuff! And to be honest, the craziest thing is that literally ANYONE can do this.

If you want, you can check it out here.

1239048734 icon-villas-1 cape-town-villas

I’m soooo freaking pumped for this year! 🙂

How to Turn Your Problems into Solutions

I hit bliss and had an epiphany while driving home from work and had to make a video to share it with you.

I know its not exactly the best time to make a video hahah : )

But it really hit me, that I think we see problems as these barriers that we need to “break through”, which in turn associates pain/hard work to get passed them.

But in reality, all we really need to do is change the way we look at problems by:

1. Accepting that we have attracted this into our lives
and not resisting or fighting it.

2. Ask and reflect internally, if there is anyway that I can learn and grow from this.

And by looking at “problems” as opportunities to grow, you will side step, per say, your problems rather than trying to bash your head through them 🙂


Joe Rogan – Exploding your mind

Joe Rogans perspective on life really opens you up to ACTUALLY start thinking about why certain things are the way they are.
Hes such a free thinker and he really inspires me to do the same, which has helped to completely change my perspective on life.