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Fresh Coconut for breakfast

Fresh Coconut for breakfast

Just arrived in Thailand a couple days ago and its absolutely incredible! The food is amazing. Period.

You can literally walk out and get fresh coconuts, dragon fruits, and tons of others right off the street for less than $1!

Its crazy!

But I’m gonna be honest, drinking right out of a coconut is becoming one of my favs 😛

Are You a Visionarie or a Follower?

Are You a Visionarie or a Follower?

A simple difference between visionaries and followers: Visionaries build the boat because they KNOW there is something out there to be discovered. Followers only build their boats when they see that it’s already been done.

Nothing wrong with that, but the visionaries reap the rewards of discovery and everything else that comes with it 🙂

Are you ready to make the choices you know, deep down in your heart, will take you to the next level? It can be scary at first…
and always, always, ALWAYS rewarding in the end. You’ve just gotta go for it and put one foot in front of the other!

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

We’re a Therapeutic Society

Where were only mending our “so called problems”, instead of going to the roots to see whats going on. And the sad part is.. Think about all the money thats being made from all that? MILLIONS.

And you know whats even crazier! How freaking simple the solution is… Its a matter of changing your perspective, which can happen in an INSTANT, and doing things like meditating to become whole in who you are.

How much does that solution cost?? NOTHING. lol Its free, its faster, and way simpler.

Our Perspective Needs to Change

While we’re smashing through our “obstacles”, were actually missing and walking over learning experiences. There is NO empowerment with the perspective that there are things that go wrong. Period.

When you can see that this is a perfect universe and that everything happens for a reason, that nothings “goes wrong”, and you are CONSTANTLY learning…. That is when you will stop surviving and begin to thrive!


Home Ideas for Moving to South Africa this Summer


Some of you know I’m retiring and moving Thailand next month 😛 But after Thailand, I really have my heart set on Cape Town in South Africa for this summer!

They have some of the most beautiful homes i’ve ever seen in my life! It’ll be such a blessing to be able to live in one of them this summer with my buddies 🙂

Were doing some internet marketing online, basically just blogging to be able to do all this crazy stuff! And to be honest, the craziest thing is that literally ANYONE can do this.

If you want, you can check it out here.

1239048734 icon-villas-1 cape-town-villas

I’m soooo freaking pumped for this year! 🙂

Genuine Love Will Save This Planet

This still makes me smile so much when I see it. I love seeing GENUINE kindness and love show to random strangers.

Showing that people truly on GOOD. Its awesome that this spread so much!

I believe we can reach a “critical mass” regarding collective consciousness. That when we reach a certain amount of people who are kinda and giving on a regular basis that it will “spill over” and all our consciousness will shift 🙂

I believe that It can and WILL happen.