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Dalai Lama, All I can say is Wow.

Dalai Lama, All I can say is Wow.

There is so much truth in that its incredible. I especially liked when he said we have “more knowledge but less judgement” and “more experts and more problems”.

It goes to show a couple things:

1. We’re a therapy culture. We wait till theres something wrong and then try to “put a bandaid” on it rather than go to the root of the problem. And 99% of our problems are internal problems attracting the external “problems” that we’re paying 100s of $1000s of dollars trying to fix.

2. We value plain regurgitated information that we learn in school, over insightful thinking which actually makes a difference in your life. The other just gets you a better job. It doesn’t get you any closer to spiritual or emotional enlightenment, which gives you true fulfillment in life.

It really goes back to the point that the only way I believe the world will really change is when we have a shift in consciousness to realize whats truly valuable in this world. Most of all that we strive for is mainly wrapped around our ego, which keeps up chasing external “solutions” to happiness and fulfillment all our lives when the thing that we were looking for was already inside of us the entire time.

It just takes some humility, and awareness to see and choose it.

10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

I thought this was really interesting, and gave me more awareness in my life. Sometimes it’s really easy to get caught up in the moment and not see how far you’ve come.

So to see how many “signs” that applied to my life showed me how far I’ve come and more importantly that I AM moving forward 🙂

Write in the comments what signs have you seen in your life?

The Key to Higher Consciousness part 1.

Keys to Higher Consciousness  part 1.

The Key to Higher Consciousness

A higher consciousness or awareness is what I believe to be the key to fulfillment and to being able to manifest and create things in your world on a much larger scale.

What Is Consciousness?

First, before I share my insight on how to actually do this, we need to understand what consciousness actually is. What it is, is the act of interpreting your environment through through a certain “filter” of understanding.

But you must understand that It is not simply white or black. It is not that you are conscious or unconscious, because in actuality there are MANY levels on consciousness. Though there are many levels, most of us only see things on a very low level thus are spiritual awareness and fulfilment are very low…

A way to explain this difference in levels of consciousness is like if all of us were born with a mask over our face. This mask represents a lack of understanding. As we grow older and learn more we poke small holes through this mask to see things more clearly.

We have our “guesses” for what things might be like, just as a child thinks that stars might be light bulbs that are turned on and off, as do we have our own interpretations of our world around us.

How to Deepen Our Understanding

The catalyst for these understandings and realizations is questions. The act of questioning is what sparks thoughts and ideas which then lead to answers which further more leads to a higher understanding.

We questioned EVERYTHING when we were children with the resounding “why”..why is the sky blue…why do dogs bark…which probably seemed never ending lol. But the problem is that once we become adults a lot of us STOP QUESTIONING our world…


Which leaves only a few holes in our mask to see out of, missing out on an incredibly large amount of understanding.

Its these questions, and wonders which start to peal away the mask to see that the world is not merely rocks and dirt, and we are not just some animalistic creatures…

But that we are in fact spiritual beings having a physical experience, living in a world projected from our imaginings. And that when you fully embrace that, and open your eyes, you can begin your spiritual journey to a higher consciousness…


**I will explain in later blog post of how to now raise your spiritual awareness and to heighten your consciousness 🙂

I really hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for part 2 😛

The Power to Change

The Power to Change

It is saying that once we can admit that we attracted all the “good” and “bad” things of our past, it gives us control in the present to change the future.

Because if you blamed everything that has happened to you on an external source, then you have NO CONTROL over what happens with your life.

So to get control over your life, you HAVE to admit that you had control over everything that happened in your past but were just not conscious of it or chose not to use it.

Acceptance can be one of the hardest stages of your life. But one you get past it, it opens the doors to infinity.

Manifest Your Destiny

Manifest Your Destiny

This is my daily affirmation, that I write every evening.
Doing an affirmation is insanely import to being able to manifest the things you want in your life. 🙂

You can do this because of the Law of Attraction!

What that is, is a law that states that like energy attracts like energy. Its the fact that you attract what you ARE not what want, because of your STATE.

You must BE successful and act like a successful person to attract success into your life. Wanting creates a state of “being without” which will attract more of which creates that state of not having.

So the purpose of an Affirmation is to make the “states of being”, that you right down, concrete in your subconscious mind and to command the universe.

This will manifest the universe to bring and attract to you that which creates the state that you affirm.

For ex. When I say “I am a happy, confident, muscular and successful man..” I am manifesting situations and things that will then bring happiness, confidence, and success into my life.

Whether it means I am directly changing inwardly or outwardly, the result will still be the same of that which you manifest!

So go and write down a daily affirmation in PRESENT TENSE of the exact person you wish to be and the exact things you desire in your life 🙂

Transcending Limitations by Becoming Gods

Awesome video by Jason Silva! I love the ideas insight that he shares 🙂

Talking about transcending even our mortality and death, is freakin crazy!!

So I hope you enjoy it 🙂