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My Vision Board

My Vision Board



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Whats on your vision board?




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What does Project AWOL mean?

You Have the Power Inside of You

You Have the Power Inside of You

I literally went out to have lunch, in our beautiful little city in Thailand, and came home to see that I had 3 sales come in from blogging. I was enjoying my life, spending time with some amazing friends while I was able to reach out to 3 people in one day and automatically get them started.

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What changed?

The fact that I cut the bull shit out of my own head. All the thoughts saying that I couldn’t achieve it, that I didn’t deserve it, and that it wasn’t possible.

I changed my perspective and my mindset and in turn its completely changing my reality. Because the fact is is that you DO have the power to create your reality. You DO have the power inside of you to achieve any thing you want.

You just need to cut out the shit inside your own head thats telling you that you can’t achieve something. You need to get rid of anything and everything in your life, including people, that are holding you back.

But it starts with you.

It starts with you making a decision to believe that you do have that power inside of you, and taking MASSIVE action on that belief.

And I dont’t know where you’re at, but to be honest it doesn’t matter. And I dont say that to be little your problems but I say to empower you.

Because the truth is, is that I was bullied horribly almost all my life and became depressed.

I was at the lowest point of my life – wanting to actually end my life.

But I was able to OVERCOME all of that, and take those negative thoughts and realities that I was creating and kick them in the face!

I came from a horrible place, and was able become so full of joy, passion, and gratefulness that I’ve actually had people ask if i’m on drugs because I’m so happy.

So I don’t give a fuck where you are, or where you’ve come from because you CAN free yourself. You CAN become empowered to lift yourself to heights that you’ve never thought were even POSSIBLE.

But you need to cut the bullshit. Cut the cancer of negativity completely out of your life. NOW. Today.

Because when you do that, you can go out and achieve any freaking thing you want. Period.

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Blogging Training #1 – How to Create an Irresistible Audience

Living With Grace

Living With Grace




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Excellence is a Habit

Excellence is a Habit

Emergency Room Lesson – Keep Your Business Out Of the Hospital

Stop struggling in your business.

Theres people out there who have already gone through what your doing.

Instead of going through all the pain of doing it yourself, why not just leverage someone else who already has the experience?

Because you realize there is someone who has done what you are doing right now, before you… so why get hurt?

Just take my advice and let me show you how to skip the struggle 😀

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Experience Freedom – Project AWOL

This is one of my dreams by FAR! To leap from a plane or a mountain cliff and fly to the base – Squirrel Jumping 🙂

Its such a beautiful metaphor – flying.

Its complete freedom.

Nothing is holding you back, or pulling you in a certain direction. You are free to go where you wish.

And I believe this video captures the essence of that BEAUTIFULLY. I believe that everyone should have freedom in their life. And as much we are “legally free” most of us aren’t truly free.

Free to travel the world whenever you want.

Free to spend time with your kids.

Free to sleep in, and just spend the entire day with the love of your life.

It means that you don’t HAVE to wake up and go to work. It means you don’t HAVE to stay home for the summer because you can’t afford to have a vacation. It means that you can actually send your kids to college and pay for their education.

As much as its great to say that we should have that freedom, attaining the ability to do that is probably out of your reach…

Thats why I stand behind Project AWOL (another way of life)

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Project AWOL’s vision is exactly that – to give EVERYONE the ability to achieve that freedom in their life.

I actually teamed up with them about 3 months ago, and I’ve been able to retire from my job (working 80 hours a week) to move to Thailand with some of my buddies.

It means that I dont have to get up to my alarm anymore if I dont want to. It means that I can go and follow my dreams of building wells in Africa.

And the most amazing part is that you can do this too.

The way we’re able to gain that freedom is by creating an online income from blogging and using wordpress.

I can actually personally show you how me and my friends have been able to make full time incomes just from blogging. If you want to know more about Project AWOL, just CLICK HERE.

Take action.

Get Started.

And I’ll see you on the beaches of the world 🙂

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