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Screw Average. Break the Mold

This is literally my life story lol. I’ve always been different growing up. I wore shorts when other wore jeans, I played guitar when everyone played hockey, and I thought of prosperity when so many others were consumed by scarcity.

Being different, is what brings inovation, new ideas, and change in the world. Its the people that chose to stand out in society that made a difference in the world.

I believe we all have a unique incredible purpose in this world. “You were born an individual, dont die a copy”.

Strike out your own path. Do something crazy. Get out of your comfort zone 😛 And you will find so much satisfaction doing so!

I have 🙂

Theres a lot of people who laughed when I told them you can control your reality by how you think. That being happy and full of bliss can and should be a regular occurrence everyday of your life!

Screw the status Quo. Screw average. I want to be myself. I want to be a WORLD CHANGER, and I won’t be able to achieve that by being average.

So break the mold of what is deemed “normal” and rise above, to transcend to greatness 🙂