Change is a Decision

Change is a Decision


  1. Sara Traub

    Yes, it’s like that. Exactly like that. Very simple but in fact, it’s the only way unless you change kicking and screaming. That’s not simple at all. It’s excruciating.

  2. ceezpaul

    Reblogged this on Over-standing! and commented:
    There is this one person I think of quite often in my life. Once I read this quotation, thoughts of this stranger knocked me again. “You inspire me to Change…”

  3. wisejourney

    I wonder if too may people expect change to happen. Change is active and we cant be passive to move forward on our journey. we are at the centre of it.

  4. misselisabethuk

    Everyone has the power to make changes in their life but some are not brave enough to make them. You only have one life, this isn’t a dress rehearsal. Thank you for your post Simple Tom!

  5. Angela Grant

    Hi Simple Tom, Beautiful thought…to change so quickly means leaning back for that big leap…I prefer baby steps—you know the saying, “….before you walk you have to learn how to crawl, ” …the same applies with change–it is a process. -Angela.
    Btw my friends and i love you music video, can you relate? Great job!!!

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