Made $1175 While Tanning at the Beach

Made $1175 While Tanning at the Beach

I just checked, and I realized I’ve made $1175 from my blog, while I’ve been hanging out in Thailand at the beach.

You have no idea how AMAZING it feels to be able to relax, have fun, and hang out with friends while having commissions come into my email.

And all this has come from my blog.

I just found out about a pretty sweet program where I can just blog, drive traffic, and make a full time income workin a couple hours a day.

And you know what the best part is?

I get to help other people do the same thing with our team Project AWOL (another way of life).

And its perfect, because our vision with Project AWOL is helping literally ANYONE be able to create an income to give them freedom to really do the things they want to do.

Simply allowing people to live the life style that they truly want to.

We’ve been around the “get rich quick” programs quite a bit, and have seen a lot of people have very little results.

So we wanted to cut the bullshit.

We wanted to get real with people, and ACTUALLY help them. Not just sell some product product, and then say “good luck” and never talk to them again.

We want to help YOU.

Because that’s what we stand for. If you’re someone who’s just in for yourself, and you dont want to help anybody then this ISNT FOR YOU.

But If you actually want to be able to create an online income, and help other people do the same then click the button below for some more information.

Cheers! 🙂


Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 2.47.07 PM


  1. Dakota McLearn

    Wow that’s really cool man. Good for you, I knew it was coming and you deserve it!! Keep on kicking life in the chest & Rock on 😀

    • learnactshare - Pete Ferguson

      Tom, I’ve been listening to the videos on project awol for almost an hour … do they ever get to a point? Holy cow, I’m not sure what I’m listening to. I like the energy, but he could probably make twice as much if he got to the point in 5 minutes and told me what I’m supposed to DO.

      I’m assuming Cameron is your mentor?

      • learnactshare - Pete Ferguson

        Okay, so I just saw that the pay $25 thing came up for affiliate “mikefeil” which is weird since I linked from your site.

        I’m glad you’ve made this work. You could probably make twice as much by removing all the multi-level marketing speech and producing a 5 minute educational video that tells people what to do instead of continually referring to how great the ___ thing is. 🙂
        I’m a professional simplifier with a very short attention span. WUS is our motto – “We un-complicate stuff”

      • thomasmaxwell12

        Hey bud!
        I think I actually accidentally through in the wrong link for the video. I wasn’t ment to be that one, which is definitely a lot longer and linked back to someone else.

        The other is a LOT shorter.

        But hey, thanks for the comment and lettin me know. I appreciate it 🙂

        Were you interested in Project AWOL?

  2. reviveuasea

    Are you able to send me more info please Tom and I will take a look, where abouts in Thailand are you all, beautiful country speak soon

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